The new MMC-Blockset contains Simulink-blocks to model and simulate any number of levels of the modular multilevel converter in Matlab/Simulink environment without a need for any power electronics toolbox.

The MMC-Blockset contains simulink models based on the Simulink C S-functions for many of the well known MMC-Topologies, the half bridge (HB-MMC), full bridge (FB-MMC) and the clamped double submodule (CDSM-MMC) as well as many power supply circuits with different transformer connections.

Some of the features of this new developed Blockset can be suumarized as follows:

  • All the developed Simulink-blocks use detailed switching devices IGBTs and Diode ;
  • All the developed Simulink-blocks use only Simulink C-S-Functions;
  • All the developed Simulink-blocks behaves exactly like builtin simulink blocks, they have their own parameters, they can be copied and pasted;
  • The simulation is very fast, because each Simulink-block has a small system matrix. The system matrix of, for example the MMC_HB_1L_ARM has matrix dimensions of only 2*2, the system matrix of MMC_HB_200L_ARM has matrix dimensions of only 400*400.
  • Users are allowed and encouraged to extend and modify the Blockset by adding MMC-ARMs containg other MMC-Topologies, such as three level submodules.
  • There is no need of any power electronics toolbox.

The half bridge HB_MMC_ARM Blockset contains the following HB_MMC_ARM-Levels:

  • MMC_HB_10L_ARM
  • MMC_HB_20L_ARM
  • MMC_HB_50L_ARM
  • MMC_HB_100L_ARM
  • MMC_HB_200L_ARM

The full bridge FB_MMC_ARM Blockset contains the following FB_MMC_Levels:

  • MMC_FB_10L_ARM
  • MMC_FB_20L_ARM
  • MMC_FB_50L_ARM
  • MMC_FB_100L_ARM

The clamped double submodule CDSM_MMC_ARM Blockset contains the following CDSM_MMC_Levels:


The power supply circuits blockset contains the following power supply circuits:


The MMC-CONTROL blockset contains the following components:

  • Triangular Generator for MMC
  • General Purpose Triangular Generator

How to use the MMC-Blockset:

The Figure below shows the model of a MMC_HB_71L-Converter using one 50L- Submodules and one 20L-Submodules. The arm voltages of the MMC_HB_50L_ARM and that of the MMC_HB_20L_ARM are added to get the total converter arm voltage. The 50 capacitor voltages of the MMC_HB_50L_ARM and the 20 capacitor voltages of the MMC_HB_20L_ARM are multiplexed to get the 70 capacitor voltages. The Memory block is required to break the allgebriac loop.

The Components parameters can be interactively changed during the simulation by changing the C S-functions  parameter-vectors.

The parameters mask of the MMC_HB_50L_ARM is show below.

The parameters mask of the main circuit containing the power supply, the main circuit breaker and the power transformer MMC_MC_TYD is show below.