Please download the following fixed admittamce Matrix simulated converters  and run them on your Computer. Compare the simulation Speed, accuracy and fexiblity of These fixed admittamce Matrix-Models with your own simulator.

The Control System of the model “WIND_DFIG_OFFSHORE_100P” contains very large number of Simulink-blocks. This will cause slow Simulation. You have to convert the Block s”CON50A and CON50B” to S-Function blocks using the Simulink-Coder Toolbox (rtw). You get at least 6 times faster Simulation (ca. 1000 Seconds on Our Laptop).

PS: You can convert the Block  “CON50A” to S-Function block using the Simulink-Coder Toolbox and then use copy and paste to “CON50B”

Some of the features of the fixed admittamce Matrix simulated Converters can be sumarized as follows:

– All the developed SimuPec-blocks use piecewise linear devices for IGBTs  and Diode (NOT AVERAGING MODELS). However the contibution in the admittance Matrix is fixed admittance Gs=1/ohm ;
– All the developed SimuPec-blocks use only Simulink C-S-Functions;
– All the developed SimuPec-blocks behaves exactly like builtin Simulink blocks, they have their own parameters, they can be copied and pasted;

1 MMC_HB_401_Level Converter


Fast Simulation of detailed wind farm contaning 100 Doubly fed induction Generator connected to the same bus using the fixed admittance Simulator and Simulink-coder Toolbox (rtw).


Modelling and Simulation of Vector contolled induction Motor drive System. The model contains mainly, a 3-Level neutral Point clamped converter and 6-puls Diode converter in Addition to the Vector Control system.