About Us

Prof. Dr. –Ing. Samir Salama


Power electronics and drive system consulting:

We offer a variety of consulting, simulation and design services, including, but not limited to:

    • Power converters:



Switch Mode Power Supplys

Resonant and soft-switching Converters

Multlevel neutral point clamped Convereters

Multlevel floating capacitors Convereter
Static VAR Compensators.

    • Power electronics for renewable energy sources:

Power electronics for Photovoltaic systems
Power electronics for wind power systems

    • Drive system design and control:

DC motor drives
Induction motor drives
Synchronous motor drives
Permanent magnet Brushless dc (BLDC) motor drives
Vector controlled drives
Direct torque controlled drives.

  • Computer Simulation of power electronics and motor drives:

we have more than 30 years experience in developing and simulation of power electronics and drive systems.

The first patent in 1986: multilevel converter. Patenschift DE 3743437.

Last patent in 2016: active and diode clamped multilevel converter.

We can help you to create  a model of your system in the Matlab/Simulink® environment.